Unfortunately, one of the biggest frustrations any modern commercial enterprise faces is that some percentage of its transactions will end up in a dispute between the parties. At BUTTITTA LAW GROUP, LLC our skilled negotiators understand that often the optimal resolution of a business dispute is one that is achieved without the necessity of litigation. However, where such a resolution is not possible, the experience that BUTTITTA LAW GROUP, LLC possess throughout every phase of the litigation process will ensure that your litigation and appellate matters will be aggressively addressed with insight, efficiency, and ability. Our trial attorneys handle a wide variety of disputes in areas including:


• Contracts
• Partnership & Shareholder Relations
• Employment Matters
• Agreements Limiting Competition
• Misuse of Intellectual Property
• Fraud & Deceptive Trade Practices
• Securities Law Violations
• Employer/Employee Disputes
• Real estate
• Construction
• Lawyer Disciplinary Actions