From Blue-Chip to Mom & Pop, many business professionals ignore the legal aspects associated with operating a business. Often times the consequences of ignoring such an inadvertent violation may become quite costly. Even worse, legal costs can sky-rocket unnecessarily based on the fallacy that a high-priced “big name” law firm is the only way to extract your business out of a jam or is the only fail-stop guarantee of success. At BUTTITTA LAW GROUP, LLC we direct our full effort toward preventing, diagnosing and assisting with the navigation of such current legal pit-falls that every business confronts, is currently experiencing, or will someday eventually face. Regardless of your company’s size, experienced counsel at our firm serve as aides to provide you with all of your available options. For almost any situation we can assist you in making confident strategic decisions about operating your business, decisions that are crucial for continued success, including:


• Entity Formation & General Start-Up
• Articles of Incorporation & Annual Certificates
• Purchase Agreements, Vendor Contracts & General Contracting
• Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions and their Enforcement / Defense
• Shareholder Agreements, Stock Issuance & Buy Outs
• Operational Policy Formation & Governmental Compliance
• Development & Strategy
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Commercial Financing
• Employee Contracts & Termination
• Trade Secret Protection
• Intellectual Property – Registration & Protection