A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.
Robert Frost
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Buttitta Law Group, LLC is a full-service litigation law firm with a reputation for providing zealous, aggressive and fearless legal representation throughout the state of Illinois.  From its inception, there has been an emphasis on trial work that finds the firm representing clients across Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, Will and Winnebago counties.

Due to our collective and extensive experience in courtroom advocacy before both judges and juries, we offer our clients proven skills that directly translate into the opportunity to achieve success in any court of law.  Our goal as a firm is to bring together the individual talents of our lawyers to forge a powerful and incomparable legal team, well suited to meet the needs of both Civil and Criminal clients.  Whether in the Civil or Criminal arena, when your dispute cannot be resolved short of a hearing or trial, rest assured that Buttitta Law Group, LLC will provide you with the most proficient, innovative, and aggressive advocacy available.

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, need legal assistance with regards to your business or personal life, or feel like your life is on hold as a result of a potential or ongoing legal complication, pick up the phone and call 847.382.4000 to talk to Illinois’ foremost legal authority…don’t worry, at Buttitta Law Group, LLC, “We’ve got your back.”

Dominic Buttitta, Jr.

Managing Attorney

Dominique Buttitta


Serving all of Northwest Chicago and Southern Wisconsin Including:
Cook, McHenry, Lake, Kane, DuPage, Winnebago, Walworth, and Will Counties.

Offices Located in Illinois and Wisconsin

Dominic is the most unbelievable DUI lawyer I have ever seen. Prior to using Dominic I used two other attorneys to represent me in criminal matters and each of those cases, I was in court for over a year. It was miserable. For my 3rd DUI I used Dominic Buttitta and not only was my license never suspended, but we went to trial within 3 months and I was found NOT GUILTY by a jury! Dominic is unbelievable.
Tom G., Best DUI Lawyer Around
You cannot put a price on peace of mind when engaging in complex business matters. Buttitta’s knowledge, professionalism and attentiveness provided much needed clarity.
Excellent law firm. Treated me with respect and will fight to make it right.
Brad M., Highly recommend
Dominic Buttitta of Buttitta Law Group is a highly knowledgeable attorney that is well suited to meet my business’ needs. Unlike previous law firms I’ve utilized, Dominic’s collaborative approach ensures that his professional recommendation will be results-oriented and cost effective. Dominic gets results, he gets answers and he will advocate for you as he has for me and my family. Dominic is responsive, accessible, personable and someone that I can completely trust with my future and that of my business. I highly recommend Dominic Buttitta of Buttitta Law Group. He is an attorney with the utmost integrity, professionalism and truly does care for the well-being of his clients.
John R., Attorney with Cost Effective Business Solutions
I retained Dominic Buttitta as my attorney for a criminal felony matter and could not be any happier with how he handled my case. I thought I had no options left and felt hopeless… then I met Dominic. He was professional and really knew his stuff at court. He helped me to get my life back on track and for that I cannot thank him enough.
Sam Z., Could not be any happier with this firm
Buttitta Law Group has been representing me on my divorce and I must say that their promise to make this difficult time as smooth and painless a process as possible has absolutely been fulfilled. Both Dominic and Dominique made themselves available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any of my questions throughout the process and it was obvious that they are not the typical lawyers…they actually care. In just 3 months my divorce was finalized, I have been able to start a new life, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dominic and Dominique.
Chrissy L., The Best Lawyers Around
If you are reading this review you are probably looking for lawyers that are trustworthy, honest and truly listen. You have found the right lawyers. Dom and Dominique are dedicated to their clients and cases. They met with us, discussed our options, and were willing to fight for what is right. I know how you must feel right now concerned and worried, not knowing where to turn. We felt the same way, but just after one conversation with them I knew they were the right lawyers. Their confidence made me confident that we would win, and we did! Highly Recommend!! Give them a call, you will be glad you did!!
Monica G., Honest and Caring!! Will Fight For What Is Right!!